Nourishing People & Planet with Organic Blueberries

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Organic Blueberries

First, we are obsessed with extraordinary organic blueberries. We grow them, we harvest them, we worry about them, we eat them, and we make certified organic blueberry everything we can. Just check out all of our blueberry products.

Precious Natural Resources

Second, we are as captivated with protecting and replenishing the precious natural resources that Mother Nature has loaned to us as we are with organic blueberries. Because, you see, it takes a loving, reciprocal collaboration to grow our extraordinary organic blueberries. We have to take care of each other.

Root 24 - Organic Blueberry Farm
Root 24 Map - Othello & Moxee

Moxee & Othello, WA

Third, we feel privileged to farm the pristine land in Moxee and Othello, Washington, connected by Route 24, on either side of the mighty Columbia River. This is where our family has farmed for five generations and we’re proud to share its abundance with you.

Our Blueberries are Rooted on Our Farm

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We love organic blueberries and we love the land where we grow them. The rich, organic soil of the Columbia River watershed, farmed with regenerative dedication, produces extraordinary organic blueberries and that’s our calling: growing the sweetest, most flavorful organic blueberries to share with the rest of the world.

Our Organic Blueberry Offerings