Meet Our Blueberry Farmers

Our farming team is led by Roy Farms, a fifth-generation family farm in the Yakima Valley of Washington. In addition to organic blueberries, as well as apples and cherries, Roy Farms is the largest grower of craft brewery organic hops in the world.

In addition to being certified organic, Roy Farms commitment to sustainability includes being Global G.A.P. Salmon-Safe, and Safe Quality Food certified. Roy Farms’ day-in-day-out farming practices step as lightly on the earth as possible, employing advanced technology and renewable energy wherever possible in their farming.

Meet Mike Roy

Mike Roy represents the fifth generation of his family to farm here in the heart of Washington State. Mike grew up on the farm. His early life experiences forged in his heart a fierce dedication to nature. After a bit of a traveling and rock climbing walkabout, he returned to the farm he loves and embraced organic farming in a big way. “I’ve always had a feeling of how I want to interact with the environment and what kind of product I want to provide,” says Mike. “And also seeing a better way to do things. I don’t agree with the system of bluntly applying chemicals or tacking that onto our products. Organic feels like a natural way to farm. I want to believe in the products we’re producing.”

“By default as a farmer you spend a lot of time outside in the dirt. The connection to the earth was ingrained in me through farming. My dad also took me camping and I just gravitated to other ways to connect with nature,” says Mike. “There’s an emotional connection. Organic farming and rock climbing are two very pure ways of interacting with the environment. It’s hands and feet on rock and it’s farming without synthetic influence. In both things, there are fewer barriers between you and the thing. It’s a more pure experience.”

Mike always knew he’d wind up back on the ranch. The land and work are in his blood. And we’re grateful he has honored his connection to the land to grow Root 24 Farms organic blueberries.

Root 24 Farms - Mike Roy