Blueberry Powder

Organic Blueberry Powder

With 94 organic blueberries in every serving

Root 24 Farms organic blueberry powder is made right from our organic blueberries, with all of the nutrition and delicious flavor of our fresh blueberries. All we do to make it is to remove the water from blueberry puree.

Why is it so purple and not blue? That color comes from the abundance of the antioxidant phytonutrient anthocyanin in our blueberries.

Most blueberry powders are made from freeze dried fruit. That’s the easy way, but not the best way: freeze drying reduces nutrient content, especially Vitamin C.  The way we do it protects all those nutrients, especially all those antioxidants.  Plus, it tastes amazing, looks beautiful, and is a convenient way to add some extra blueberry goodness to your day!

Easy to use for a great blue boost:

  • Add to a smoothie
  • Mix into milk or non-dairy milk
  • Sprinkle over cereal
  • Mix into yogurt
  • Mix into cake, pancake or waffle batter
  • Blend into homemade freezer pops

Organic Blueberry Powder

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