How We Grow & Harvest Blueberries

Root 24 Farms grows sweet, juicy organic blueberries on pristine certified organic farmland in in the heart of Washington, at each end of Route 24 on either side of the mighty Columbia River. Our farming heritage is known for generations of conscientious stewardship of our precious land and water, to bring our delectable organic berries to your family’s table.

20 Seconds on the Farm

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Our Passion for Perfect Organic Blueberries

How We Grow

All of Root 24 Farms’ land is certified organic, where the footsteps of the farmer are the best fertilizer. We stay close to the soil, close to the plants, close to the entire ecosystem in order to grow the sweetest, most delicious, healthiest blueberries possible using regenerative practices.

Most people think of organic farming in terms of what we don’t use:

  • No synthetic fertilizers or toxic and persistent chemicals
  • No GMOs
  • No irradiation
  • No sewage sludge
  • No antibiotics or artificial growth hormones in livestock

But organic farming is more about building healthy, resilient ecosystems.

night harvest organic blueberries

How We Harvest

We harvest our cherished organic blueberries with great care so we know which berries are perfect for each of our products: fresh, frozen, dried, and powdered.

Hand Harvest: Our skilled hand harvesters, working on our farms without concern for the presence of harsh chemical pesticides, select the perfect little berries in the early morning hours, when the berries are at their best quality before they heat up in the afternoon sun.

Machine Harvest: We also do some harvesting with these amazing machines, which enable us to harvest at night as well as in the early morning hours, while the berries are at their coolest and best quality. Our harvest workers are still quite important here as they evaluate where to harvest and ensure that the berries coming in are high enough quality to make it into our products.