About Our Blueberries

On either side of the mighty Columbia River, you’ll find our farms set amongst the rolling hills, rich soil, clean air, and abundant water in the heart of the Columbia River Basin. It is in this very special environment with warm summer days and cool nights that Root 24 Farms fifth generation family farmers tend our organic blueberries. We have carefully selected the perfect blueberry varieties for our unique Columbia River Basin growing region, so we know we’ll have beautiful blueberries, bursting with pure, vibrant flavor every season. We start our season off with the Duke variety , then the Draper comes on and finally, the season rounds out with the Calypso variety.

Nourishing People & Planet


Our approach to growing organic blueberries is one part tradition, one part science, one part art, and one part love. We believe growing blueberries organically produces better flavor and an overall better eating experience. And we know that growing blueberries organically is healthier for our farmers, our precious planet, and the people who enjoy the brilliant taste of our berries


And while farming organically is at the foundation of what we do, we know there’s more to be done in areas that organic certification doesn’t cover, such as water and energy usage and the way we treat our people.
sustainable organic blueberries