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Dried Organic Blueberries -
Lightly Sweetened


Dried Organic Blueberries -


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Lightly Sweetened & Unsweetened

Root 24 Farms dried organic blueberries are available as unsweetened or lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Our sweetened blueberries are dried with 50% less sugar than the leading brands of dried blueberries. 

  • We dry 3 pounds of fresh organic blueberries to make 1 pound of our dried lightly sweetened blueberries and 10 pounds of fresh blueberries to make this 1-pound bag of unsweetened organic blueberries.
  • These dried berries will maintain flavor and quality for two years. 

Add these delightfully flavorful berries to cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, muffins, desserts or enjoy as a snack anytime!

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